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Boulder Cycling Club Saturday Sanitas Brewing Ride

Boulder Cycling Club Saturday Sanitas Brewing Ride

When: Saturdays at 9:30 AM

Where: Sanitas Brewing at 3550 Frontier Ave unit a, Boulder, CO 80301

Pace: Varies by group

Brief About: Ride times vary as the season progresses, starting at 9:30 AM from Sanitas Brewery.  Start time begins earlier as the weather warms.  Be sure to check their weekly newsletter for this week’s plan. As a rule, their Saturday rides are intended to improve your endurance and skills and prepare you for cycling events you may have signed up for. They will be increasing both distance and climbing throughout the summer. They will also be moving up the start times as the weather gets warmer and the miles get longer. They will try to plan all rides to return to Sanitas at or around noon each week. Join them for the ride and then afterwards on the outdoor patio tables for great beer and fantastic tacos from our friends at Sanitas Brewing and McDevitt Taco Supply. BCC Members get discounts on both!

Length: 2-3 hours

Updates: Join Boulder Cycling Club’s mailing list for updates on their rides. You can also visit their website or their Facebook page for more details
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