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Think you've got some Moo in you?

We are looking for cattle who:

  • Make the most out of opportunities and work hard for what they want; members of the herd must love pushing their boundaries to be better, whether that is in work, life, or sport.
  • Think cycling becomes exponentially more beautiful as they share it with others and are eager to work on building the cycling community.
  • Are not the coolest person they know and are capable of walking through a door without getting their head stuck; you should be humble and appreciate everyone in our community. 
  • Will actively spread fun whenever they wear a Holy Cow Racing kit
  • Appreciate and admit that cycling is just as much an endurance sport as it is a fashion show for your friends and competitors.

How much milk am I expected to produce?

  • We do not have any minimum race schedule or result requirements. We encourage you to participate in events and group rides in an attempt to grow the cycling community, spread fun, and push your boundaries, but we do not believe in making this a requirement to join the herd.
  • We do expect you to contribute your time or skills in atleast one way over the course of 12 months for the benefit of the team. We know every member comes from a different background, has acquired different skills, and gained expertise in various areas; we encourage you to share what you know with others.
  • Uphold our team values and demonstrate sports-person-like-behavior
  • If you are able, contribute team dues of $100 annually in order to fund events, race support, and activities that grow the cycling community and spread fun.

As a grazer, why should I eat your legumes?

  • You’ll build strong bonds with a community of friendly, ambitious, and fun people that share the same passion as you.
  • Organized squads for racing disciplines: Road, Gravel, MTB, and Cyclocross
  • Exclusive team parties, cycling events (such as Paris Roubeer, Vuelta a Cerveza, and Il Lombeerdia), and team camps.
  • Deeply discounted coaching from a PhD in Human Bioenergetics to level up your fitness.
  • Eye catching team kits, team merchandise, and opportunity to be featured in blogs, videos, photos, and social posts. 
  • Sponsor benefits, discounts, and gear.

Chat with us about joining the herd

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