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Holy Cow Racing team members have the exceptional opportunity to receive coaching from Aaron Gouw. He has received his BS in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior from the University of California, Davis and his MS in High Altitude Exercise Physiology from Western Colorado University. Aaron is currently conducting his doctoral studies in Human Bioenergetics in Indiana. His research interests include the body’s response to acute and chronic exercise training and how to optimize training and racing through scientifically supported methods. In the future, Aaron has the ambitious intent to work at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. This is a massive opportunity for racing team members to receive coaching through one of cycling's brightest up and coming minds.

Aaron is incredibly passionate about training and racing in his personal life as well; he has years of road racing experience and has a particular knack for ultra-endurance events. His love for our sport combined with his passion about the science and research behind endurance performance uniquely positions him as a great coach and mentor.

While Aaron is great at looking at performance through the lens of science, he believes that improving an athlete’s performance must be approached with a balance of personalization and science. That is, the athlete must come first, and science is used to guide the decision of how and why certain approaches are taken to meet the athlete’s goals. 

If you are interested in discussing coaching opportunities with Aaron, contact him at

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