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What's in a name?

No, we are not a religious organization and no, we are not all plant-based athletes. We are Holy Cow Racing because we believe it is the best representation of our intrinsic qualities; we want to grow the cycling community and spread fun. When you see us out on rides and at races, you’ll say holy cow and you’ll want to join the herd.


Holy Cow Racing Founder, Gabe Multer, grew up in the bike mecca that is Santa Cruz, California and has spent his whole life as an avid cyclist racing on the road and on trails.

During his early years racing bikes, Gabe was one of the six original racing team members on the Bear National Team back in 2011. During the years Gabe spent on the team, he got to sit front row and see how a small group of Santa Cruz roadies blossomed into what is now one of the most exceptional mountain bike racing teams in the nation.

While he loved the sport, Gabe burned out from racing in 2014 when he realized his dream of becoming a professional cyclist was simply not feasible.

Gabe went on to move to Colorado and graduate from Fort Lewis College. Gabe fell in love with the San Juan and Rocky Mountains and decided to commit to a life based out of Golden.

While Gabe has lived in Colorado he has rediscovered his love for riding and racing. He made the realization that bikes can be more than just a racing machine, they can be a way to connect with others, to see beautiful places, and to simply have a ton of fun. While Gabe refound his love for the sport, he felt there were a few major problems:

  • There was a shocking lack of inclusivity and FUN with the teams that existed. Why should you have to race to have a team and feel a sense of community? Why should you have to know someone who knows someone who thinks you're cool enough to invite you to a team? If you do want to race a full season calendar, why should you have to join a team that takes things so seriously; we are not paid to race and we do this for fun.

  • The cycling community had become so siloed into different teams, clubs, and cliques. We all love doing the same activity, why does it have to be so challenging to find other people to ride bikes with? There needed to be more opportunities to go on group rides to meet new people, rip around on fun roads and trails, and push yourself with others.

  • There had been an exciting rise of gravel racing, opening up beautiful courses and opportunities for cyclists of all abilities to come together. While this had benefited the sport in a general sense, road racing and mountain bike racing had suffered. All cycling events are incredibly fun and can grow our community in unique ways and there needed to be more support for other disciplines.


To grow the cycling community and spread fun.


We see a world where being a cyclist isn’t weird, we see a world where we don’t need to be afraid of riding a bike, and we see a world where we can easily share our beautiful sport with everyone we love.

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