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Holy Cow Racing Team Values: MILK

Milk was not a bad choice.

Make hay

We make the most out of the opportunities in front of us and we work hard for what we want.  Working hard could mean we train hard and we race hard for the outcomes we desire, it could mean we work hard in our personal and professional lives and still make room for loving our two-wheeled toys, or that could mean we work hard at living our team values. No matter what, we push our boundaries to be better.


We know this is a very unique sport and we recognize that it makes us different.  It is a major source of our identity and we should embrace that.  We surround ourselves with others that have a similar identity and we support and care for that community.  We are a small community and we are inclusive of EVERYONE because at the end of the day, we all just love bikes. We think cycling becomes exponentially more beautiful as we share it with more people; we constantly work on building our community.


We are carefree, we enjoy a good adventure, and we love having fun. We love bikes because they are fun, we want to embrace the fun, and we want to spread the fun everywhere we go.

Kit Matters (km)

We believe the road or trail is our runway; we want to look good when we ride.  We know being fast and looking cool is the best case scenario, but it can’t always be the case. When all we have is our style, we make sure our kits are on point.  We are thoughtful with our color choices, we are thoughtful with our sizing decisions, and we are thoughtful with keeping our kits clean.

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