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Boulder Cycling Club Tuesday Night Twisted Pine Brewing Ride

Boulder Cycling Club Tuesday Night Twisted Pine Brewing Ride

When: Tuesdays at 5:30 PM starting in March

Where: Twisted Pine Brewing

Pace: Varies by group

Brief About: This is their most popular ride; riders of all types show up for this ride and they break into smaller groups. The Ride Ambassador for each night will make announcements and serve as sweep and also appoint ride leaders for each of the smaller groups. Typically, two to three distances are offered each night and only the last group is a no-drop group. Stay after the ride to join them in Twisted Pine’s back area for beer, pizza and other refreshments with 10% off your total tab!  Be sure to thank Twisted Pine and your servers for their sponsorship of Boulder Cycling Club and remember to tip them based on the pre-discount cost of your order.

Length: 20-30 miles, 1 hour and 30 minutes

Updates: Join Boulder Cycling Club’s mailing list for updates on their rides. You can also visit their website or their Facebook page for more details
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