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When: Thursdays at 5:30 PM starting around April

Where: Eagle Trail Parking Lot

Pace: Race pace on the gravel, 10-15mph rolling regroup/recovery on the road sections in between.

Brief About: If you think you've been on every type of group ride, think again. Fast GRVL, hosted by GRVL DNKYS (an "Okayist Gravel Cycling Community"), is a truly unique and very fun type of group gravel ride. The ride format, going all out on gravel and shutting it down on the road, makes for an action-packed 90 minutes that is surprisingly productive from a structured training/interval standpoint. Expect 15-30 riders of all abilities to show up; the structure of the ride makes this surprisingly inclusive of riders of many speeds thanks to ample rolling regroup opportunities.

Length: 20-30 miles (~90 minutes) of roughly 70% gravel, 30% road.

Updates: Information and updates are primarily communicated through GRVL DNKYS Instagram @grvl_dnkys or their Facebook page
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