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Thank Gravel It's Friday: Women Crush Wednesday

Thank Gravel It's Friday: Women Crush Wednesday

When: Fridays at 5:30 PM starting in Mid-March

Where: The Rayback Collective

Pace: Moderate pace with short regroups

Brief About: Routes altered weekly, check their instagram for updates!

Women Crush Wednesday is their weekly t-shirt ride, just for women. It’s a space for women to socialize, crush, and simply ride gravel bikes and have fun. Meet at Rayback Collective at 5:30pm. After the ride, they'll all head back to Rayback for food, drinks, and hangs!

And in true Thank Gravel It’s Friday style, a space to rip trails in t-shirts, flannels, and anything else that transforms our mindset. A space that you can show up as yourself, feel welcome, challenge yourself, and leave feeling full. They don’t race to win, this is a space to show up to support friends, express ourselves, meet new people, and celebrate the good times gravel riding brings us.

Expect a mix of trafficked paved road, bike path, loose and technical single track, cow grates, steep rocky climbs, hike-a-bikes, fast road descents, and dirt roads. Pace will be moderate.

Know the route! They will have a couple spots to regroup, however, this is NOT a ‘no drop’ ride. This ride will require technical bike handling skills and may not be suitable for beginner riders. They will have a leader to guide the group and maintain a moderate pace, but will not have specific sweeps. There will be a couple re-group stops, but because it will get dark early, they will try to keep the group moving to savor as much daylight as possible. The group may split up, but they all meet back at Rayback after. Make sure you have all the nutrition, water, tools, lights, and gear you need to finish the route on your own.

The first couple rides of the season WILL GET DARK before they get back. Please ensure you have a front a rear light. We’ll keep any rides before the time change to about an hour and will extend to about 90 mins after the time change.

Please DO NOT park in the Rayback parking lot, they are asking that you either ride in or park on Glenwood Drive and ride the bike path to the start. Rayback Collective is easily accessible from the Goose Creek bike path. Stay after for some food, drinks, and hangs.

For the most recent updates, check out our Instagram @thankgravelitsfriday

You will be asked to sign the liability waiver prior to riding with them.


Length: 1-2 hours depending on time of year

Updates: Check out their Instagram @thankgravelitsfriday or their website for updates and details on their rides.
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