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the boulder bus stop ride

The Bus Stop Ride

  • When: Tuesdays & Thursdays at 5:00 PM (ride exists until DST ends)
  • Where: Broadway & 36 (location of the old bus stop gentlemen's club)
  • Pace: Pro 1/2/3 Race Ride
  • Brief About: A true Boulder classic after-work race ride. Expect to see strong legs and anywhere from 20-100 people ready to hammer for around an hour.  Route varies, but expect 30 rolling miles up towards Lyons and Hygiene.  
  • Length: 30 miles covered in about an hour
  • Updates: Not organized by group, show up and find out
  • Overview: Once DST kicks in, the Boulder Bus Stop is the best way a racer type could spend Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Enjoy the motor pacing sensation and fast Strava times; best of luck hanging in there! The route typically loops around Lyons and/or Hygiene, so if you are dropped there are opportunities to get back in there or head back early; don’t worry, you won't be the only one. 
  • The Start: Starting across from the old Bus Stop Gentlemen’s Club at the intersection of Broadway & Hwy 36.  If you show up at 4:55, you’ll see some folks hanging around. The ride rolls up 36 towards Lyons and gradually ramps up the pace. 
  • The Route: Varies from week to week, but expect the ride to include the wonderful Lyons fruit loops or some good old fashioned hygiene laps
  • The Finish: Dependent on the route, but expect the group to be smaller at the finish and the group ride winner will not be chosen on accident.
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