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A Herd is Born: The 2023 Holy Cow Racing Kick-Off Party

A Herd is Born: The 2023 Holy Cow Racing Kick-Off Party

On January 29th, 2023, Holy Cow Racing officially started grazing the pasture with it's first ever team party! The event was filled with excitement and even a few moo's as the team welcomed the new year with open hooves and the goal of growing the cycling community and spreading fun all across the US in 2023.  The party was located in Golden, Colorado, but we had members of the herd Zoom in from 5 different states!

The party was filled with a ceremonial rider contract signing, where each member of the team signed on to become a member of the herd, promising to abide by our team values: MILK. It was a moment of great pride and unity, as the team made a commitment to spread fun and push themselves on two wheels.

One of the most significant announcements of the night was the introduction of the herd leaders: Kate Smith (Team Captain), Dillon Janda (Colorado Team Captain), and Nick Besse (California Team Captain). Each of these individuals is highly skilled and brings a unique set of skills to the team. They will be the ones leading the stampede and ensuring that Holy Cow Racing upholds it's values, vision, and mission.

The party also featured a session by the team's coach, Aaron Gouw, who led a session on we are naming the 'Physiological Determinants of Endurance Performance'. He shared his expertise and insights through an overview of the limiters and areas of opportunity for increasing your physical performance and physical fitness.

Overall, the kick-off party was a huge success and a clear indication of the great things to come for Holy Cow Racing. With a talented team, a dedicated coach, and a clear mission, the future is bright for our new and exciting cycling team.

Here's to an udderly fantastic 2023 season!

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