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Adam Solomon

Adam Solomon

Where are you originally from?: I've lived in 12 states so it's a tough question to answer. I went to Texas A&M for undergrad and graduate school so I have the most years in Texas. But one of my favorite areas I lived in was upstate New York (Saratoga Springs)
Where do you live now?: Idaho Springs, Colorado
What types of bikes do you ride/race?: I've mainly raced triathlons with a few road races and TTs thrown in a year. But I'm looking forward to starting mtb and gravel racing.
Favorite type of cow: No question - Highland. You know they listen to emo rock with that cool dude hair they have
Favorite cow fact: Highland cows are double coated, making them great for cold weather
Favorite cow pun: Knock knock, who's there? Interrupting cow. Interrupting cow wh…..Mooooooo!
How are you going to make hay this year?: I miss racing but I'm not in good enough shape to go race and have fun. So this summer is all about getting miles in and getting back comfortable on the bike
What does inclusivity mean to you?: Always showing up to a ride trying to better somebody's day/week. Cycling is a great way to meet people that your paths wouldn't have crossed otherwise.
How will you be larking this year?: Showing up to rides with a smile on my face and getting as many people involved in the sport as I can
Thinking about our value, Kit Matters: socks over or under leg warmers?: My socks are usually poppin' so I like to show them off. However, typically if it's cold enough to cover my knees, I'm wearing full tights and shoe covers so I'm either socks in full view and shorts. Or socks are a couple layers down
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