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Andrew Willis

Andrew Willis

Where are you originally from?: San Jose, CA
Where do you live now?: Lakewood, CO
What types of bikes do you ride/race?: Road, touring… maybe gravel. Maybe.
Favorite type of cow: Guernsey
Favorite cow fact: Cows spend up to eight hours/day chewing. And they can sleep while standing. Two’fer.
Favorite cow pun: I cud not think of anything to put here.
How are you going to make hay this year?: Cat 4/5 road races and hill climbs
and crits and…. finally finishing med school.
What does inclusivity mean to you?: Heartily encouraging all different kinds of
folk to celebrate our shared love of bicycles.
How will you be larking this year?: Climbing iconic CO climbs, pioneering the inaugural HamTamiablo route, and raising a puppy.
Thinking about our value, Kit Matters: socks over or under leg warmers?: I have seen no RCTs substantiating one approach over the other. Until then, one on each leg.
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