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Brock Frazer

Brock Frazer

Where are you originally from?: Noblesville, Indiana
Where do you live now?: Lakewood, Colorado
What types of bikes do you ride/race?: Road, MTB & Gravel
Favorite type of cow: Cachena
Favorite cow fact: Cows can smell you from 6 miles away.
Favorite cow pun: My grandfather was a knight... his name was Sir Loin.
How are you going to make hay this year?: I'm beyond thrilled to be joining the herd this year and excited to learn from all of the cows on the team! In addition to bringing fun to the cycling community I plan to push myself with a strong effort at the Triple Bypass and race in my first crit race.
What does inclusivity mean to you?: There's always someone better than you that you can learn from and there's always someone that is where you were at one point, whether that's in work, life or cycling. I want to be there to help others and also embrace the coaching from those around me that push me to be better on the bike!
How will you be larking this year?: Shouting many moo's from the top of Lookout Mountain!
Thinking about our value, Kit Matters: socks over or under leg warmers?: Over!
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