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Dillon Janda

Dillon Janda

Where are you originally from?: Loveland, Colorado
Where do you live now?:
Fort Collins Colorado
What types of bikes do you ride/race?:
I ride road bikes, but I am gravel/dirt-curious. I race road bikes, TTs, and Hill climbs; used to like crits but not so much anymore.
Favorite type of cow:
The scottish highland cow. They are so fuzzy and welcoming.
Favorite cow fact:
Cows burp a lot of methane, not farting it, which is a common misconception.
Favorite cow pun:
I would tell you my favorite cow pun, but it is too cheesy.

How are you going to make hay this year?: I am going to make hay this year by dusting off the cobwebs and getting back into the racing scene as a Holy Cow. I am very excited to support my fellow cows and their endeavors in the cycling community and help the Herd to green pastures.
What does inclusivity mean to you?:
Inclusivity to me is that no cow is left behind. There is a seat for everyone at the stable regardless of who we are. We are all better together.
How will you be larking this year?:
Pedaling around the Front Range and enjoying the many joys of cycling. Having fun is the most important thing and cultivating it in training and rides is paramount.
Thinking about our value, Kit Matters: socks over or under leg warmers?:
If you asked me this question last year, I would have said socks over leg warmers and have rocked my nike socks proudly over my leg warmers for several years. That said, I have recently converted to socks under leg warmers. It all changed on a very, very rainy day where I realized that when the socks are on the outside, they get very wet, very quickly and I hate wet socks! So I converted.

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