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Emily Troutman

Emily Troutman

Where are you originally from?: Born in Salt Lake City, grew up in Highlands Ranch
Where do you live now?: Aurora, Colorado
What types of bikes do you ride/race?: Gravel, Road
Favorite type of cow: Scottish Highland Cow
Favorite cow fact: Cows are very social animals and live in herds, showing affection is like dogs with licking. they will even avoid other cows/bulls they don't like!
Favorite cow pun: A cow will never tell you a lie because they simply give you no bull.
How are you going to make hay this year?: My goal is to race gravel and road this year and gain confidence on the bike! I will train hard and enjoy my time on the bike!
What does inclusivity mean to you?: Inclusivity means creating a culture of comradery and supporting all people involved. In cycling it means never discriminating based off size, color, speed or ability.
How will you be larking this year?: I will be larking by enjoying all the parts- training, death climbs, bombing down hills, sharing with new friends, trying new scary things and being proud of team accomplishments.
Thinking about our value, Kit Matters: socks over or under leg warmers?: Socks over!
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