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Max Sweeney

Max Sweeney

Where are you originally from?: Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Where do you live now?: Wheat Ridge, Colorado
What types of bikes do you ride/race?: Road and occasionally gravel
Favorite type of cow: Texas Longhorn
Favorite cow fact: Cows spend eight hours a day chewing food.
Favorite cow pun: What do a call an evil cow? A demooooon
How are you going to make hay this year?: I recently got engaged, so this year is about finding a balance between my personal and professional life. Long bike rides have helped channel my thoughts into positive action, making it the hay that will soon create a bale.
What does inclusivity mean to you?: The triathlon capital of the world has a great word for this. Huipu means to mix or come together and cycling is one of the best ways to do so. Finding a common ground and coming together as a community is a great thing to be a part of and it is vital that no matter the situation, everyone is given at least a chance to become a part of the community.
How will you be larking this year?: I will be roaming the Boulder Reservoir pasture multiple times in the Colorado Triathlon Series. In addition, I will be cruising the cornfields at RAGBRAI and doing an ultra race in the fall.
Thinking about our value, Kit Matters: socks over or under leg warmers?: SOCKS OVER. Prized cattle must show off their spots.
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