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Saturday Wadsworth Worlds

Saturday Wadsworth Worlds

When: Saturdays 8:30 AM

Where: Intersection of Wadsworth & Deer Creek

Pace: Race pace world championship ride

Brief About: The Saturday morning world championship for those that don’t live in the northern portion of Denver, don’t want to ride to DIA, and don’t want to get up THAT early. This ride has ties with the Groove Subaru team, but lots of people show up from different teams. A great ride that can lead you into climbing Deer Creek afterwards if you didn’t get enough. Routes may vary a bit, but the linked route is pretty typical.

Stava link/map:

Length: 45 miles, ~ 1 hour and 45 minutes

Updates: Join the Ode to Worlds Facebook Group

The Finish: Sprint finish up the Chatfield dam hill
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