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Denver FDR Ride Group Road Bike Ride

The Denver FDR (Frustrated Dad's Ride)

  • When: Saturdays at 7:00 AM (first Saturday in May until the first Saturday in October), 8:00 AM (during the winter months), or 10:00 AM (if it is crazy cold).
  • Where: Cycleton at 7480 E 29th Ave, Denver, CO 80238
  • Pace: Race pace drop ride (P/1/2/3/4)
  • Brief About: The Frustrated Dad’s Ride, a Denver group ride classic. Named due to the early 7:00 AM start time, this ride makes sure the dads get back in time for their kids to go to soccer practice.  Expect rolling roads, fast riders with something to prove, and cross-winds; truly is the DIA-bound denver/belgian classic.
  • Stava link/map:
  • Length: 42 miles on rolling and windy terrain
  • Updates: Join the Northeast Denver Cycling Facebook Group for regular updates and details.
  • Overview: The FDR starts mellow and gradually ramps up the pace as it exits the busy hustle and bustle of Denver.  Once you pass the final stoplight and enter the open country roads, expect some attacks to fly and the race is on.  There will be a few competitive points, unfortunately you will need to have done the ride a few times to truly recognize it. That said, the following are points to expect others to fight for: 
  • KOM's: Airport Hill on 56th and Alpe D'26th after the chip seal.  
  • Sprints: Watkins, Subaru, and Prison.
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